You may come in with makeup or with a clean face. Please fill in brows as you normally would if you have a specific color or shape you prefer. I will clean & sanitize the brow area before tattooing. You may shape your eyebrows prior to your appointment if you have a specific shape & preference but it is not necessary because grooming is included in my brow mapping & symmetry tests. If you would like, you may grow them out slightly or stop grooming and I will groom them at your appointment. 

Do not tint or dye your brows for 7 days before your appointment so we can see the brow in its natural state.

If you wish to wax or thread them please do so at least 5 days before your appointment.

Please avoid blood thinners for 24 hours before your appointment. This includes aspirin, niacin, Vitamin E, Fish oil, alcohol, and caffeine unless advised by a physician.

Women are generally more sensitive to pain on their menstrual cycle. While I do use a topical anesthetic, please still book at least one week prior to beginning or after completion if you have a low pain tolerance.


At the beginning of your appointment, I will analyze your brow and hair color, natural growth patterns, facial shape, and bone structure. With my professional opinion and your preferential input, we will design and shape the brow together to something that is both flattering and natural. I will match the color closely to your brow hair. Only hair that sits outside our desire shape will be tweezed & trimmed. I will use multiple methods to make sure the brows are symmetrical and flattering to your face structure.

The first pass with have no topical anesthetic. This will just be the outline of the brow. The reason why is because the anesthetic can make the brow swell and the outline & natural shape will be compromised. Also the topical anesthetic works better on broken skin. Clients have said the pain feels like getting several hairs tweezed at once.

Then i will numb your brows for 15+ minutes and we will continue to fill in the brow. 



Following the procedure the pigment will begin to oxidize and scab and will appear darker/bolder. In 5-10 days the brow will begin to flake and peel, sometimes creating a spotty appearance until the entire brow has finished exfoliating.


Keep out of tanning bed and minimal sunlight during total healing process. 

No sweating for 1 week. If you need to go to the gym, use a sweat band and keep sweat on the brows.

Do not immerse in water for long periods of time while healing.(swimming pool)

If your normally take a steamy shower, temporarily change the water to warm while healing to keep the pigment.

Healing Process:

Day 1: Brows looks flawless with soreness and slight swelling. If they get a light puss, wipe once or twice a day with unscented baby wipe.

Day 2-5: Brows will appear dark and thicker than initially done. Keep moist but not slick with grapeseed oil or aquaphor. DO NOT EVER use vaseline in healing process. It will pull out the pigment.

Day 5-10: Brows will look uneven and scabby and flake off. DO NOT pick scabs. Allow to fall off naturally. Keep moisturized with grapeseed oil or aquaphor.

Day 10-15: Brows will appear super light and transparent. Don’t worry, this is part of the healing process. Keep moisturized with grapeseed oil or aquaphor.

Day 15-30: Brows will begin to reappear and may be patchy. Touchups are very normal and required to lock in pigment.

Week 6-8: Come back for touch ups! Contraindications still apply.


Healed results will vary from person to person. There are many variables that will affect your final result including your skin type, skin tone, colors used, skin thickness, medications and medical conditions, lifestyle, amount of natural brow hair, bleeding, aftercare and more. Results can not be guaranteed due to these factors. Most clients will experience a bold, crisp immediate result that will heal into a diffused and softened version.



  • Must be 18 or older to get tattooed with valid photo ID in the state of California.

  • Clients with active rosacea & eczema in the brow area are advised not to have the microblading procedure. 

  • I can not micro blade over moles or blemishes.

  • You must be off accutane for minimum 1 year.

  • You may not get the microblading procedure if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or planning to become pregnant during healing stages.